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The RemiXation

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This is an open community for those of us who love remixes of any and all types/genres of music. Its a place to share and recommend these songs.

The rules for posting:

*Try to stay remotely on topic.

*For long posts, use the lj-cut feature.

*No online quiz resuls, unless they pertain to the topic. Otherwise, save them for your personal journal.

*Show some common sense and courtesy..No flaming!

*Always be willing to share your music. Let's face it, most it was downloaded anyway. Email, AIM or any other way can be used to send files. Use them.

Otherwise, thanks for joining, and have fun!

Your moderator is alexxxis. Should you need to ask something, email; do not post a question to me. For example: email me to ask if a certian post is "okay" to post. Do not risk getting banned...PLEASE do not risk getting banned.