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ELEKTROsniper remixes wanted

ELEKTROsniper - Aspirations of the Criminally Mundane

I will be releasing an online ep in July called Aspirations of the Criminally Mundane, it will include [currently] 6 original tracks and remixes of my work. I am still accepting submissions of remixes, and I've also added two of the most current tracks to remix [elektrosniper's website], the other remix kits are hosted at

All bands that submit will be given credit for works submitted. This will be a free web-release, which means that I will host the songs on my website for people to download [and since it's a free release, there is no money involved]. There will also be art to go with it should you like to print up a front/back and inside sleeve. All submissions must be in no later than June 30th, though I will accept late submissions, though they may not be included in the (ep).

In NO-WAy is this a contest, feel free to make the tracks into any variety of styles you choose, you have complete artistic freedom [ie; they don't have to be club remixes].

If you have any questions or need additional material with which to remix, please contact me at you can catch me on AIM and Y!IM at elektrosniper and MSN at [e-mail use, i don't usually log onto msn messenger]. My main contact account [e-mail] is feel free to ask me for an invite to Googlemail, I still have about 45 left ;)

Sorry to sound so formal, just want to let you guys know what the deal is .

Thank you,

Pat inQ
PS [this could get to be a bigger releae, depending on the submissions chosen] if you are not chosen for this, you will be included in later releases, i don't plan on having a 30 song/remix ep, lol

thanks again
Tracklist [current]

1. messiah
2. something 4 your soul
3. recycled
4. messiah [kayron remix]
5. the predator [second coming]
6. [currently untitled]
7. the predator [kriegmaschine remix]
8. the cat's meow
9. __________ [c-lekktor remix]
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